Empowering Energy Independence In Africa; Enabling Rural and Urban Renewable Energy Awareness, Access, and Affordability

20th – 21st OCTOBER / Mombasa, Kenya

The World Energy Day (WED) Conference 2022 will be held in Mombasa, Kenya from 20th to 21st October 2022 as a culmination of the week-long World Energy Day celebrations by individuals and organizations across various sectors of the economy, from both the public and private space. This year’s WED is being organized by The World Energy Day Foundation in partnership with KEREA (Kenya Renewable Energy Association) and Eenovators Limited.

During the past years, WED celebrations have been organized to raise awareness of the need for energy efficiency and prudent management across the region and to underpin the critical role this plays in business growth and profitability. This conference is set to bring together key players in the energy sector, as well as expert speakers from around the globe to address key issues that will shape energy sustainability in Africa. The conference will also serve to showcase brilliant ideas developed by the youth in the Energy Innovation Challenge as well as award outstanding professionals in the energy sector in Africa.