About us (Foundation)

Who we are

The World Energy Day Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-discriminatory, organization established in 2021 with the objective of the society to foster the development of energy efficiency and conservation measures as well as climate change interventions in Kenya and within the region. Its mandates include:

  • To provide a networking forum for energy professionals and enthusiasts to discuss the creation and implementation of energy policies and strategies that increase energy efficiency and conserve natural resources.
  • To raise awareness on climate change and energy sustainability, management, conservation, and other energy-related matters within the region.
  • To coordinate and hold annual World Energy Day celebrations in Kenya and within the region.
  • To conduct surveys, feasibility studies, awareness campaigns, and consulting interventions around energy and related matters.
  • To coordinate and run youth activities and projects related to environmental sustainability, energy conservation, energy efficiency, and climate change as well as coordinate activities on the financing of youth projects in the energy sector in Kenya and within the region.


To be the leading organization that advocates for energy access, awareness, efficiency and affordability in Africa


To foster the development of energy efficiency and conservation measures by bringing energy professionals together through professional forums




World Energy Day Conference has impacted different people from across the globe over the past 3 years. With 24 webinars and 3 conferences conducted between 2020 and 2022.

In total it has impacted more than 1500 people by creating awareness of energy, climate change, policy, finance, clean cooking, clean transport, and renewable energy conversations.

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