Call For Papers – Write Up

The World Energy Day Conference 2022 will take place from the 19th to the 21st of October 2022. We are pleased to invite interested individuals, experts, researchers, academic institutions, and organizations involved in sustainable energy, renewable energy, and determined to fight the climate change and achieve the net-zero carbon emissions through sustainable and innovative technologies to submit their abstracts and papers for consideration and presentation during the World Energy Day Conference.
Current efforts to reach the net-zero emissions and the call for climate change action for all organizations and individuals in the world, call for research and practical strategies that can be adapted to make this possible across the globe. The call for papers is around the conference theme: Energy Independence in Africa: Enabling Renewable Energy Access, Awareness, and Affordability. This research also should consider the variables of access, affordability, and awareness.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

The World Energy Day Conference 2022 sets out the following as the five expected results:

1. Increased knowledge and skills on new technologies, Innovations, and practices to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and renewable energy technologies for both rural and urban communities.
2. Improved cooperation between the multiple organizations and corporates that are involved in the renewable energy sector to ensure seamless synergies.
3. Increased commitment of stakeholders including governments and key donors to resource allocation for targets achievement of sustainable energy before 2030.
4. Increased willingness by public and private sector actors to apply a total market approach in increasing access and awareness of renewable energy and be instrumental in the funding and the affordability of the energy sources.
5. Increased application of social media, websites, and all the other forms of communication to create a multiplier effect of the conference after the actual conference.


• Abstract title and the authors’ details (e.g. name, title, organization, etc.), starting with the
• Presenting author.
• Introduction
• Background
• Objectives
• Program description and methodologies.
• Lessons and/or recommendations/way forward.


All abstracts will be reviewed through a blind peer-review process which will be done by an independent review panel. Each abstract will be reviewed by at least three (3) reviewers. The abstract selection process will be done by members of the Conference Technical Committee.
The Conference Secretariat will give its feedback 21 days after the submission deadline date (last week of July 2022). All the accepted abstracts will appear in their full form in the World Energy Day Conference Abstracts Book which will be availed during the conference.
The abstract will also be published on the World Energy Day Website.


The abstracts will adopt the following presentation approaches during the conference: 

  1. Plenary sessions with guest speakers and experts on key technical areas.
  2. Parallel sessions on different topics. Delegates will have the option of attending sessions they consider most relevant to their program. 
  3. Moderated panel presentations and discussions (15 minutes per presentation).



In-person RegistrationsClosing DateAmount in KshsAmount in USD
Student Fee15000130
Early Bird( Valid till September 15th 2022)20000175
Normal Fee25000215
Online Fee


Note: The conference registration fees will cater for conference materials, delegate/ registration and meals (two teas and lunch). Delegates and exhibitors will cater for their accommodation, transport and other miscellaneous expenses. The conference Secretariat is however willing to provide information and logistical support to delegates in need.

Payment Guidelines
All payments should be made through cash deposits, Bank’s cheque, Bank transfer to

Account Number: 0729762001

Please Note: A copy of the cash deposit slip, cheque or banker’s cheque should be forwarded to the
Conference Secretariat via email accompanied by: The Name(s) of delegates and Identification Number (ID No) or name of the exhibitor to cc
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