Announcing The Energy Professional Awards 2023!


Award Categories

Energy Innovator of The Year

Energy Auditor of The Year

Energy Communicator/Journalist of The Year

Energy Social Impact Award

Young Energy Professional of The Year

Renewable Energy Professional of The Year

Professional Energy Woman of The Year

Energy Champion of The Year



    Energy Innovator of the year
    This category recognizes the most outstanding innovator in the energy space. Individuals nominated for this category should have developed an outstanding and innovative project that has an impact on energy efficiency, renewable energy, or any other energy-related technologies. The innovations submitted in this category should demonstrate something novel or a new angle or a new concept etc. and should not a duplication of an existing project in different geography.

    Energy auditor of the year
    This award is presented to an individual for exceptional accomplishments in promoting the practices, principles, and procedures of energy auditing. The nominee’s energy auditing accomplishments need to have had a demonstrable impact in the industry. The recipient must be a registered energy auditor.

    Energy communicator/journalist of the year
    This award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding strides in communicating energy news, articles or stories. The communication needs to have been consistent, covering energy topics that are designed to create energy awareness and advocacy and have had their work published for public consumption.

    Energy Social Impact Award
    This award is awarded to an individual with a remarkable energy project that benefits the community or those in need. The project needs to demonstrate an intervention that makes a difference for the community or specific special needs group or institution and needs to have a community or target group ownership element for a sustainable outcome.

    Young Energy Professional of the year
    This award is presented to individuals aged 30 years and younger who have made exceptional accomplishments in energy. This could be the development of an innovative project, a socially impactful intervention, or an initiative that has a significant impact on the energy space.

    Renewable energy professional of the year
    This award is presented to individuals with outstanding projects in renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc. The projects need to have demonstrated the creation of or uptake or use of renewable energy with specific results in the areas of deployment.

    Professional energy woman of the year
    This award recognizes the most outstanding woman in the energy industry based on their work promoting the practices, principles, and procedures of energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean energy initiatives, energy inclusion, energy funding, or any other outstanding work in the energy sector.

    Energy champion of the year
    This category recognizes the individual that has had the most impact on the transformation of the energy industry in East Africa. The awardee for this category will need to be nominated and have won in one of the other seven categories above. The nominees need to have demonstrated an impact in a wide variety of energy areas and be the initiator, champion, and driving force behind the energy activities or projects.

    Eligibility Criteria

    World Energy Day Awards are presented to individuals who have shown outstanding performance in the field of energy, either at local, regional, or international level. Each category provides descriptions of what is required for each per award.

    Nomination Criteria

    • Every award addresses a unique area and all nominations submitted should describe the nominee’s proficiency in that category.
    • All projects described in the nomination submitted should be successfully running for at least 6 months. Future plans, projects, or goals are not considered.
    • Submissions may be an innovation, an intervention, or an initiative that is not necessarily a project e.g. training or community work.
    • Both nominators and nominees may be contacted to verify the information submitted in the nomination.